Rob Pattinson @ Cannes Confirms Breaking Dawn

Rob Pattinson made a spash at the Cannes film festival.

A sign of his ever-rising star power – he announced that Breaking Dawn has the greenlight to film and he confirmed that he would continue in the star role of Edward.

(Certainly hope so..  who would be foolish enough to turn that down..)

Film Dates for Breaking Dawn are yet to be determinited mostly because of Rob’s hectic schedule.  He starts filming his romance Remeber Me as soon as New Moon is done shooting.

Pattinson dropped by Cannes while filming the last 4 days of New Moon in Italy.    He mentioned that he’s enjoyed the trip (I’d enjoy the trip to the french riviera too..!)  and has had no security concerns at all.

Earlier this week Summit had hired several bodyguards for the cast in case fans were too aggressive.

No worries there – italy is such a lovely place anyway.

Rob’s got a full docket ahead of himself.  He mentioned that he still is not used to fans instantly recognizing him.

Better get used to it buddy-o.

Images from Cannes below

(AP Photos/Matt Sayles)



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