Behind the Scenes: How Cullens fought the wolf pack?

For all the Twifanatics, I know you are very excited to grab your copy of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 DVD which will be available by Feb. 11 this year. You need to know that there’s a whole second disc of bonus features, including a six-part documentary that chronicles the ins and outs of this remarkably action-packed (Marriage! honeymoon! being pregnant! absolutely insane birth scene!) film.

In this exclusive EW clip, it’s all regarding the wolf set as well as their climactic struggle with the Cullens towards the side of the movie. (As well as if you don’t prefer your wolves-are-real illusions shattered, we suggest you do not go on onward.) The choreography and unique consequences and feats were all properly considered as well as arranged to the remarkably second in purchase to make the scene look as lifelike as possible. Hilarious then, exactly how demanding it happens to be for the true entertainers to pantomime fight pictures against the air, or in some situations, a not-so-ferocious beanbag. My best-loved element? Enjoying Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) clarify that the hardest detail in bagging these impressive arenas is striving certainly not to laugh. Take a look below.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]



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